Where we use such third-party providers as listed in Section 6, we take steps to enter into agreements to ensure that such third parties have the adequate safeguards in place, which include:

Generally, where data has been transferred from Alt HAN Co to other third parties outside the UK, we will ensure that any parties who receive such data have the appropriate measures to ensure secure transfers in place. In particular, this will include our sub-contractors and business partners, whose staff may access personal data on the Alt HAN Inventory from outside the UK, and may include some of our systems used for storing and sharing personal data.

Alt HAN Co will not transfer any data or allow any access to such data to such third parties until one of the following mechanisms are in place:
• An adequacy decision from the Secretary of State or Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
• UK-approved Standard Contractual Clauses
• Binding Corporate Rules that have been put into place

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