How It Works

Our Solution

We provide the engineers installing your smart meter with our devices. They fit them alongside your smart meter, if needed. Problem solved!

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The Solution

Where It Is Needed?

The Alt HAN technology is designed to deal with the challenges posed by different building types. See the below to find out what the problem is in each type of the four building types.

  • EM-CH – Smart Electricity Meter & Communications Hub
  • GM – Smart Gas Meter
  • IHD – In-Home Display

Large Single Premise

A large house might have an electricity meter installed in a garage or outbuilding, or on an outside wall.  Too far away for the communication signal to reach the gas meter, or where residents want to use their In-Home Display

Single Low-rise Unit

A small set of units, for example a large house converted into flats, might have electricity meters in a basement or on an outside wall – resulting in the apartments on the upper floors being out of range.

Multi Low-rise Units

A small development of low-rise blocks might have a central meter room, or meter rooms in each block or on each floor.  The distances between meters and premises, or electricity meters and gas meters, might consequently be too big.

High-rise Apartment Block

A high-rise apartment block might have a meter room in the basement – or a meter cupboard on each floor.  Resulting in apartments in higher floors, or further away from meter cupboard, being out of range.