Being part of the Women and Allies committee allows us to have a safe space where we feel confident and comfortable to discuss personal issues with fellow women in the company and as someone younger, it allows me to gain wisdom from those with more life experiences.

Lizzie for the Women and Allies Committee

Being a part of the social committee is great because you get to have an input on what we’re going to do at the monthly socials. Attending the socials is good fun as you get to build personal bonds with colleagues outside of the work environment.

Priya for the Social Committee

As a member of the Alt HAN ESG committee (Environmental, Social and Governance) I am proud of the work we do to promote sustainability at Alt HAN and beyond, as well as our fundraising activities for our Charity Partner NEA – National Energy Action, and the other fantastic causes we champion to ensure no one is left behind. Being part of a committee allows you to use your passion and enthusiasm for the subject to educate others and make changes, remembering that small changes can make a big difference. I endeavour to lead by example and believe that the work I do for the committee enriches the culture of the company as well as myself as an individual

Vikki from the ESG committee

I am passionate about working for a company in which it’s values covers ED&I and being a member of this committee I can assist in making sure that the message is passed through the organisation. The inclusive and diverse conversations held in this committee brings confidence that we have a work force that have strong values not just for themselves but for those around them and beyond. There are no boundaries in our ED&I+ committee which is demonstrated in the topics we cover. Members often share personal experiences to demonstrate their support towards ED&I+ in the workplace.

Paulo for the EDI+ committee

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