Typically, we will collect the personal data of energy customers, and residents and landlords in premises that may be suitable to benefit from Alt HAN services, in addition to staff at our suppliers, contractors, partners and other third parties. This will include the following:

Contact & Business Details. You may give us your Contact Details by filling in forms on our website, through an existing business relationship with your company, or through the course of research or surveys conducted in the deployment of Alt HAN services. We may use this information to contact you or in the course of the provision of services to you. This information could also be collected through your interaction with Alt HAN Co in the course of business, including where you provide services to Alt HAN, as is related to the installation of Alt HAN smart metering equipment in your building, or when you submit a complaint to us or make any other request. This will include information such as:
• Your name
• Position and Company
• Phone number
• Physical address
• Email address
• Contact preferences (for marketing purposes)
• Country or location

Financial Details. Where we need to make a payment to you or your organisation, or issue an invoice, we many collect your financial details in order to facilitate this. Generally, this will include:
• Bank name and sort code
• Bank account number

Energy Data. Where you are a resident at a building that may be suitable for the deployment of Alt HAN equipment, or otherwise fall within the remit of smart metering as an energy customer, we may process personal data specific to your smart meter, including meter serial numbers (MPANs, MPRNs, MPxNs). We may receive such data from external energy databases such as those provided by Xoserve and Electralink , as well as directly from your energy supplier. We may also process limited meter reads and consumption data for short durations, as incidentally collected by Alt HAN Co or your energy supplier during the testing of smart metering equipment. We process such data in line with the Smart Energy Code (SEC), which provides the basis for our business processes and use of this data.

Building Data. Where you are a resident, tenant, owner or other occupant at a building that may be suitable for the deployment of Alt HAN equipment, or otherwise fall within the remit of smart metering as an energy customer, we may also collect and store information about your premise, including its address and postcode, from external energy databases. We use this information to conduct a market sizing analysis of the suitability of business premises for Alt HAN smart metering equipment. This will generally not be considered personal information, and will largely consist of location (e.g. GPS coordinates), building measurements and specifications.

Technical Data. Similarly to other websites, we may also collect information from your device and store it in log files, as you interact with our website or websites hosted by our third party partners or cookies embedded in our website, in order to support your website experience and interactions with us. This information could include data on your IP Address, Location, device identifiers and information on links that you click on or content that you view.

Other Information. We may also collect information relating to an activity/complaint or engagement with the member of the public. We may also collect information in relation to Health and Safety incidents that occur with respect to our sub-contractors/surveyors when conducting surveys on-site, as part of our Health and Safety duty of care. This information will be anonymised where possible.

We may also process photographs/video/audio recordings of energy supplier’s employees and other attendees, as collected at Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) events as part of the course of our business activities.

Moreover, our surveyors (sub-contractors) may also take photographs of particular residences in the course of surveying them for market sizing activities, which may incidentally include photographs of residents (although we take steps to check and remove photos that include images of residents).

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