The Exempt Premises List (EPL) is a regulatory provision in Supplier Licence Conditions for designated classes of premises to be flagged, where it is considered technically infeasible, or disproportionately costly to extend the Home Area Network (HAN) using Alt HAN Equipment.  It requires an evidence-based submission on behalf of Energy Suppliers and an approval by the Secretary of State.  Alt HAN Co (AHC) is co-ordinating this activity on behalf of Energy Suppliers.

Following Alt HAN’s consultation with Energy Suppliers last autumn, between 11 September 2019 and 01 October 2019, a draft EPL was submitted to BEIS which proposed no classes of premises as exempt.  This was on the basis that evidence to justify any exemptions was not available given the stage of development of Alt HAN solutions.  The submission of a blank list was to comply with the prevailing regulatory requirement for an approved EPL, to be in place ahead of any AHC services being offered.

BEIS communicated subsequently that it views the submission and approval of an EPL would need to be made based on evidence to justify any exemptions. A consultation was issued by BEIS on 14 January 2020 to make consequential changes to the Supplier Licence Conditions. The proposed changes remove the requirement to have an EPL approved prior to the commencement of Alt HAN Services while retaining the requirement for any class of exempt premise to be subject to approval by the Secretary of State.  Alt HAN Co has engaged with BEIS on these changes, and is supportive.  A decision from BEIS is pending.

Alt HAN Co will continue to work with BEIS and Energy Suppliers as evidence is collated on the technical performance and costs of Alt HAN solutions in different classes of premises to help identify, when and on what basis an EPL submission might be made in the future.

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