Welcome to the Alt HAN Co. Newsletter for 2019! We are excited to share with you the news from this remarkably busy year.

Energy suppliers are required by the UK Government to offer smart meter options to all customer premises within Great Britain by the end of 2020. However, it is estimated that in 3.5 – 6% of premises (as of October 2018), standard Home Area Network (HAN) technologies will not connect all smart metering devices and that Alt HAN technologies will be necessary to bridge that gap and make smart metering available to those consumers.

We delivered important milestones throughout the year. In June, we announced that Alt HAN Co. awarded the Alt HAN Operational Services contract to Capgemini, and also we saw the commencement of the Building Survey work to provide value additional data on the market size and premises mix for Alt HAN. The Operational Services Provider will support the rollout of Alt HAN technologies and services through 2020/21, which will provide the supporting infrastructure to manage the Alt HAN Service Provision and interactions with energy suppliers.

Health and Safety continues to be a key focus for Alt HAN Co., especially as we have now started Level 1 and 2 Surveys and are moving towards the safety aspects of the Alt HAN Co. solutions and installation. This year we introduced the Health and Safety Advisory Board, which reports to the Alt HAN Co Board.

In December we announced that Alt HAN Co has now successfully completed initial detailed design with both Siemens and Landis+Gyr for the development of Alt HAN technologies and services. Over the last 10 months both companies have developed detailed designs which have met energy suppliers requirements and as such now provide the Alt HAN Co with a solid platform to progress to the next stage in the development of prototypes to be tested and trialled.

We developed, drafted and consulted on a multi-lateral energy supplier agreement with Alt HAN Co (‘Supplier Contract’) to provide the contractual framework within which Alt HAN Services (via its Service Providers) will be provided to energy suppliers. More information on the Supplier Contract can be found below.

In September Alt HAN Co. announced the appointment of Paul Cooper as our first Managing Director (MD). Paul joined us in November from npower. This appointment is a key milestone and will oversee and drive delivery as the work moves from design to operational delivery. Paul will report into the Alt HAN Co. Board.


Supplier Contract
The Supplier Contract is a multi-lateral agreement that serves as the link between energy suppliers, Alt HAN Co and its Service Providers. Accession to the Supplier Contract is required for energy suppliers to be able to place and order for Alt HAN Equipment and receive access to Alt HAN Inventory information relating to Alt HAN Candidates. This includes Alt HAN Equipment installation status, Exempt Premises status and any incidents relating to those premises. By acceding to the Supplier Contract, energy suppliers will gain access to the detailed version of the Alt HAN Inventory.

The Alt HAN Inventory will assist energy suppliers in forecasting Equipment orders. The information captured will also assist energy suppliers in planning their smart metering roll outs by identifying Alt HAN Candidates and subsequently reducing the number of aborted installs.

Acceding to the Supplier Contract does not place any minimum order commitments on energy suppliers. However, it will enable energy suppliers to place their initial forecasts for Alt HAN Equipment.

The Supplier Contract will be released for accession in Q1 2020. Further communications will be issued to inform suppliers on why, when and how to accede to the Supplier Contract.

The Supplier Contract Project Team is happy to offer energy suppliers bilateral discussions throughout Q1 and Q2 2020 to discuss the Supplier Contract further. To arrange a bilateral please email secretariat@althanco.com.


Alt HAN Co. Consultations
We have issued four consultations this year:


Alt HAN Co. Meetings
In 2019, Alt HAN Co. has held several meetings, this includes:

  • The Alt HAN Co Board perform the fiduciary duties of Alt HAN Co and enact the decisions made by the Alt HAN Forum, by entering into commercial contracts. The next Alt HAN Co Board meeting is scheduled for 17 December 2019.


  • The Alt HAN Health and Safety Board, which reports to the Alt HAN Co Board, has been established due to the commencement of Building Surveys and are now focussing on the safety aspects of the Alt HAN solutions and installation. The next HSAB is scheduled for 22 January 2020.


  • The Alt HAN Forum are responsible for ensuring that the Alt HAN Activities and Services are in place, and decisions made are aligned to their objectives. The next Alt HAN Forum meeting is currently scheduled for 16 January 2020. The Alt HAN Forum have established several Sub-Groups to support them in meeting the objectives set out in SEC, by providing specific expertise in several areas:


  • The Alt HAN Assurance Sub-Group was set up to specifically support it in assuring the quality and rigour of Forum decisions against SEC Objectives. There are no further ASGs scheduled at this time.


  • The Alt HAN Delivery Sub-Group was set up to review, coordinate and oversee the alignment of the delivery plan dependencies across the Industry. The next DSG meeting is scheduled for 30 January 2020.


  • The Alt HAN Finance Sub-Group was established to support it fulfil its objectives in relation to the financial aspects of the Alt HAN Arrangements. The next FSG meeting is scheduled for 9 January 2020.


  • The Alt HAN Operational Sub-Group was set up to provide advice, guidance and specialist assurance for the purpose of the acquisition of Alt HAN Service Capacity and provision of the Alt HAN Services. The next OSG meeting is scheduled for the 18 December 2019.


  • The Alt HAN Supplier Contract Governance and Regulatory Sub-Group was established to support the development of the ‘Supplier Contract’, Exempt Premises List and to provide recommendations on emerging regulatory risks and issues. The next SCGR meeting is scheduled for 15 January 2020.


Any Questions or feedback
So, after a very busy year we have achieved many things. Should you have any questions surrounding any of the meetings that we have listed above please do not hesitate to contact the Alt HAN Co. Secretariat either by phone (020 7090 7766) or by email Secretariat@althanco.com.

We hope you have found the newsletter informative. Moving forward we intend to produce these Newsletters every quarter to keep Stakeholders up to date with all the progress we’ve got going on within Alt HAN Co. Should you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can improve the Newsletter further please do drop us an email! We are always striving to provide you with the best and most relevant information. Thank you!


Notes to the Editor:

  • Alt HAN Candidates – Premises and buildings identified as needing or potentially needing Alt HAN Equipment
  • Alt HAN Equipment – this refers to the type of equipment required to be installed to enable the connection of smart metering devices.
  • Alt HAN Inventory – a database containing all information related to Alt HAN Equipment and the MPAN’s and MPRN’s associated.
  • Alt HAN Services – Refers to the manufacture, provision, installation, operation, maintenance, modification and decommissioning of Alt HAN Equipment
  • Level 1 Building Surveys – will consist of the surveyor collecting data such as, the location of meters, building height, number of floors, distance between premises and the gas and electricity meters. This information is needed to understand whether the building will need to have Alt HAN Equipment installed.
  • Level 2 Building Surveys – Additional information will be collected to understand what type of Alt HAN Equipment will need to be installed. This survey will consist of collecting similar information to that in the Level 1 but will also include signal strength readings between meters (similar to checking WIFI signal for an internet connection).

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