About Alt HAN

Background to the Alternative Home Area Network Arrangements (Alt HAN)

In 2015 the UK Government issued an industry consultation regarding Home Area Network Solutions, in which views on GB Alt HAN Solutions were sought.

The Government concluded that collective action, across all energy suppliers, was needed to secure Alt HAN Solutions, which included the development and installation of Alt HAN technology and services. The regulatory framework, to enable energy suppliers to work together was developed by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and came into force in July 2016.

Alternative Home Area Network Arrangements

The Alternative Home Area Network (Alt HAN) arrangements are set out in Section Z of the Smart Energy Code (SEC) and there are two key mechanisms that facilitate the delivery of the arrangements.

The Alt HAN Forum makes decisions required to carry out the activities and services of the Alt HAN Company (AltHANCo). In doing so it can delegate and give direction to the AltHANCo and any Alt HAN Forum Sub Groups. The Forum determines any appeals made to it by the AltHANCo or Sub Groups and makes other decisions, as it is required to do so, in accordance with the provisions of Section Z.

The Forum is made up of Relevant Supplier Parties, who operate in the GB Smart Metering market, nominated and elected in accordance with the processes detailed in Section Z of the SEC. Forum members elect the Forum Chair and Alternate Chair. Alt HAN Forum meetings take place at least once every two months. Forum members are entitled to vote at the Forum, and all decisions are made by resolution by a Supplier Weighted Vote. The weighting of votes is based on Energy Supplier market shares.

The Forum can also establish Forum Sub-Groups for the purpose of assisting the Forum in achieving the objectives. Members of a Sub Group are required to have suitable experience, knowledge and follow specific Terms of Reference that have been established by the Forum. This can include delegated decision-making powers. Currently there is one Sub Group in operation – the Supplier Contract Governance and Regulatory sub group. This group has been set up to help support the development of the contract that will be required for Suppliers who use Alt HAN Services, and to also support the development of the Exempt Premises List.

The Alt HAN Company (AltHANCo) has been established as the corporate entity to enable Alt HAN arrangements to be developed and implemented commercially, including entering into contracts to give effect to decisions made by the Alt HAN Forum. The AltHANCo is funded by energy suppliers via the DCC charging mechanism. All decisions on behalf of AltHANCo are made by the AltHANCo Board (the Board). The Board is elected to ensure that the Company achieves the objectives detailed in Section Z of the SEC.

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