Ordering & Forecasting Window for Alt HAN Devices

The next window for updating device order forecasts and confirming orders will start on 6 February 2023 and be open for 5 working days.

The ordering and forecasting window in the quarterly opportunity for energy suppliers who are signatories to the Alt HAN Supplier Contract to initiate the order processes, and to refine and confirm order forecasts already in the pipeline.  The process works by an energy supplier providing a committed forecast 10 months ahead of when they wish to receive delivery.  This forecast is revisited after three months, and then confirmed into a committed order after 6 months.  The order volume can be flexed up or down within 15% of the original committed forecast.

There are also provisions for energy suppliers to provide and update uncommitted annual forecasts looking ahead three years, and uncommitted quarterly forecasts looking ahead 18 months.  These are for the purpose of Alt HAN Co business planning.

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