London, October 28th, 2020 – Suppliers providing energy to 80% of GB homes are on course to access a solution for c1.2m households currently unable to enjoy the benefits of smart metering.

The current smart meter network does not work in all homes, but Britain’s energy suppliers created the Alternative Home Area Network Company (Alt HAN Co) to ensure they support all domestic customers to switch to smart metering and enjoy the benefits it provides, including the opportunity to understand their energy usage, and reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. Alt Han Co was created specifically to design and implement a cost-effective solution – the “missing piece of the smart metering jigsaw” – for the c4.4%, or around 1.2m, of GB properties currently excluded from the benefits.

Access to these solutions and services is only possible through Alt HAN Co, and energy suppliers representing almost 60% of homes have already signed their contract, with suppliers representing another 20% in discussions with Alt HAN Co to do so.

Paul Cooper, Alt HAN Co Managing Director, said: “We are pleased that in three months suppliers which provide four-fifths of GB homes with their energy have either signed up to our solution or are in the pipeline to do so.

“We are now testing the products which will support energy suppliers to meet their regulatory requirements and make the benefits of smart metering available more widely, and I would encourage all energy suppliers to access and sign the contract at their earliest opportunity.”

Alt HAN Co’s first services are now available to energy suppliers which have acceded to the Alt HAN Co contract, which became available in June. In August they were able to access the Alt HAN inventory, a prediction of the premises likely to require the new technology, broadly confirming estimates of over 1.2m such GB premises, or around 4.4% of all homes.

In the first quarter of 2021 a rigorous selection process aims to choose one or more technology solutions to provide the Alt HAN, before manufacturing is expected to begin in the second quarter, with an initial go-live “safe launch” planned for the third quarter.


The Alternative Home Area Network Company (Alt HAN Co) was established as a special purpose company to allow all GB energy suppliers to deliver alternative home area network (Alt HAN) technological solutions and services.

It is estimated that in c4.4%, or 1.2m GB premises, standard HAN technologies will not connect all smart metering devices and that Alt HAN technologies will be necessary to bridge that gap and make smart metering available to those consumers.

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