Crowded Meter Room Procurement Communication

Throughout 2022, Alt HAN Co will run procurement activities to source a service provider(s), offering meter operator and electrical engineer related services, to provide solutions to crowded meter rooms throughout GB for buildings with premises that cannot currently access the benefits of smart metering due to impediments preventing installations.

1. Company Overview

The Alternative Home Area Network Company (Alt HAN Co) was established through regulation as a special purpose company to allow all GB energy suppliers to deliver alternative Home Area Network (Alt HAN) technological solutions and services. The company is not-forprofit, and jointly owned and funded by Relevant Energy Suppliers. It is estimated that in approximately 2 to 4% of GB premises, standard HAN technologies will not connect all smart metering devices and that Alt HAN technologies will be necessary to bridge that gap and make smart metering available to those consumers.

2. Crowded Meter Rooms

Alongside offering an Alt HAN solution, Alt HAN Co is also seeking to resolve industry wide issues in Crowded Meter Rooms (CMR). A CMR is a meter room containing any number of electricity or gas meters in which there is not sufficient space (or some other impediment) to install the required equipment to enable the associated properties to access the benefits of smart metering.

This issue is not one which can be addressed by any single energy supplier or other party with responsibility in a meter room (e.g. the landlord, Building Network Owner or Distribution Network Owner) and stands in the way of suppliers offering, and successfully installing, smart metering and Alt HAN equipment for their customers.

Alt HAN Co will act as a centralised coordinator to enable a solution to be rolled-out to all affected premises through regulatory change and procurement of services. Critically, Alt HAN Co will seek to procure a service provider to offer meter operator and electrical engineer related services, to enable CMRs to be redesigned to allow for smart metering equipment.

This service may include, but is not limited to; meter moves, energisation and de-energisation, third party engagement and stakeholder relationship management.

3. Engagement

Alt HAN Co is in the process of gathering requirements for the CMR service and will engage with multiple industry parties and bodies to ensure the requirements are fit for purpose. Alt HAN Co has not commenced the procurement process but will be engaging with interested parties who may be able to offer an industry viewpoint of the services.

We are seeking engagement through March 2022 and engagement may include document review and remote meetings, among other activities. Depending on the volume of responses received and the internal capacity of Alt Han Co, we may not be able to engage with all interested parties at this time. We expect the full procurement process to begin late March and all qualified bidders are welcome and encouraged to take part.

If your party may be interested in being involved in the procurement process, please get in touch using the details in section 4. Please also specify if your party is interested in participating in early engagement. Please note at this stage Alt HAN Co may not be able to answer all questions you may have.

4. Contact Details

Personally identifiable information that is provided to Alt HAN Co for this purpose will only be used for the engagement in, and procurement of the CMR project. Your information will not be passed to any third party and will not be used for marketing purposes. Should you provide such personally identifiable information and wish to withdraw your consent provided, at any time, please contact Should you wish to view our full privacy policy, this is available here or by requesting a copy by email to

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