We have recently issued the AltHANCo Charging Methodology consultation with responses due 5pm Thursday 12 December 2019.

During the consultation, we are seeking views on the proposed design of the Charging Methodology on behalf of Relevant Suppliers.

Section K of the Smart Energy Code (SEC) sets out that the DCC will recover Explicit Charges from energy suppliers, to enable the DCC to recover costs that relate to Alt HAN Equipment, installation, and other Alt HAN Services.

The main consultation document is split into three sections:

  • The Charging Methodology Introduction section (A) sets out the building blocks of the Charging Methodology, and what the design aims to achieve;
  • The Charging Mechanism section (B) sets out the key exchanges of information and finances that enable Alt HAN Co to recover its costs, via the DCC, as is set out in SEC;
  • The Charging Data section (C) sets out the different data items required to be calculated by Alt HAN Co and submitted to DCC.

All consultation materials,  are available on the Alt HAN Co consultation Huddle® workspace. If you do not have Alt HAN Huddle login details, please contact the Alt HAN Secretariat via secretariat@althanco.com who will provide these for you.

Bilateral discussions are also available on request. Please contact the Alt HAN Secretariat team (secretariat@althanco.com) to arrange a bilateral.

Consultation responses should be sent to the Alt HAN Secretariat (secretariat@althanco.com). The closing date for consultation responses is 5pm Thursday 12 December 2019.

The Charging Methodology workstream will consider and respond to all comments provided. Comments and responses will be made available to other Relevant Suppliers during January 2020, unless instructed otherwise.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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