The Alt HAN Co has awarded the Alt HAN Operational Services contract to Capgemini in the UK through an open and competitive procurement process, to support the rollout of Alternative Home Area Network (Alt HAN) technologies and services.

Energy suppliers are required by the UK Government to offer smart meter options to all customer premises within Great Britain by the end of 2020. However, it is estimated that in 3.5 – 6% of premises (as of October 2018), standard HAN technologies will not connect all smart metering devices and that Alt HAN technologies will be necessary to bridge that gap and make smart metering available to those consumers.

Capgemini will provide the central point of coordination to support the appointed Technology Services Vendor(s) in their delivery and installation of the Alt HAN technologies and will shortly begin mobilisation activities to set up the day-to-day operational capacity, comprising of a number of functions and responsibilities. These include, but are not limited to: service coordination, data analytics and management of the Alt HAN inventory, building surveys, service desk and incident management, supply chain and logistics, IT and data services, reporting, and building sponsor liaison and engagement.

Capgemini’s immediate focus will be to establish the volume of and the specific type of buildings that may require Alt HAN technologies through a combination of advanced data analytics and building survey activities.

Paul Cooper, Chair of the Alt HAN Board, said: “The Alt HAN Co is committed to helping those customers whose smart meter is not located near their premise, such as in apartment blocks and high-rise buildings, gain access to the benefits of a smart meter. We look forward to working with Capgemini in helping make smart metering a reality for all.”

Alain Bollack, Vice President of Energy Retail UK at Capgemini, added: “We’ve got substantial experience in the energy sector gained through projects both in the UK and in other geographies, so our knowledge of the industry and our relationships are tried and tested. This project will be a huge feat of collaboration – involving partners, energy suppliers and bringing together expertise as diverse as data science and analytics, and supply chain management. We’re hugely excited to be working on it and are confident we will be able to make its delivery as seamless as possible for Alt HAN.”

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