Alt HAN Governance

Alt HAN Forum

The Forum is Alt HAN Co’s decision-making body, required to carry out Alt HAN activities and make available the provision of Alt HAN services. It can provide delegated authority to the AltHANCo Board and a number of Alt HAN Forum sub-groups covering a range of activities, from operations and delivery through to testing and Supplier Contract governance. The Alt HAN Forum and its sub-groups operate in accordance with Section Z of the Smart Energy Code.

The below sets out the 2022 meeting dates for the Alt HAN Forum:

  • 20th January
  • 17th February
  • 17th March
  • 21st April
  • 19th May
  • 15th June
  • 21st July
  • 18th August
  • 15th September
  • 20th October
  • 17th November
  • 15th December

If you have any queries in relation to Alt HAN Forum or its sub-groups please contact the Alt HAN Secretariat via

Please click here to see the Alt HAN Appeals Notification Form.

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