Wednesday 31st october 2018

The Supply Licence Conditions require that All Relevant Suppliers, in conjunction and cooperation with each other, establish and maintain the Exempt Premises List (EPL). The Alt HAN Forum has agreed to facilitate the development of the EPL and is organising a workshop to enable all suppliers to feed into its development.

The criteria for EPL is based on the Alt HAN solutions being either ‘technically impracticable’ or ‘at disproportionate cost’. As such the development of the criteria will consider the technology capabilities during the procurement stages and the cost associated with more complex technology solutions.

The workshop will take place on 31st October 2018 at Gemserv Offices (8 Fenchurch Place, London, EC3M 4AJ) between 2pm and 4.30pm. It will be focussed on the principles and mechanism for determining the EPL criteria and associated cost thresholds. We will also seek to review and agree the operational requirements for EPL premises-level data management.  We are keen to encourage all suppliers to attend this event and participate in the development of the Exempt Premises List.

Please contact to find out more information and reserve your space now!




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