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The Alt HAN Company (Alt HAN Co.) has been established to support the Smart Metering installation programme with the assessment, procurement and implementation of potential technology solutions available to facilitate the transfer of information between the smart meter(s) and the smart devices in the home. This will mainly be required in buildings / homes where the energy meter(s) are located outside or a distance away from the home – for example, in a block of flats where the meters are in the basement or communal meter room – see Alt HAN Solution Building Types for more information on building types that could be affected.

In order to identify how many buildings / homes could be affected and also to determine which type of Alt HAN Equipment is required, Alt HAN needs to complete building surveys. This work will be managed by Alt HAN Operational Services, through Capgemini.  The building surveys themselves will be undertaken by Daly International. The building surveyor will be acting on behalf of all energy suppliers when they undertake this activity.

Types of Building Surveys

There are two types of building surveys – Level 1 and Level 2.

The Level 1 Survey will consist of the surveyor collecting data such as, the location of meters, building height, number of floors, distance between premises and the gas and electricity meters. This information is needed to understand whether the building will need to have Alt HAN Equipment installed.

Additional information will be collected on the Level 2 Survey to understand what type of Alt HAN Equipment will need to be installed. This survey will consist of collecting similar information to that in the Level 1 but will also include signal strength readings between meters (similar to checking WIFI signal for an internet connection).

For Multi Dwelling Units (MDU’s) the surveyor will need access to the communal areas of the building and the meter room, if applicable – they will not be entering into individual premises (e.g. customer flats).

For Large Single Premises (LSP’s) the Building Surveyor may need access to the meter that could either be situated inside or outside the premises, but this will not be completed without customer consent.

For further information on the Building Surveys, please click on Building Survey FAQ link.

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